Dialog Extension

Your swiss army knife for dialog in Stencyl.

Meet Dialog Extension

Dialog Extension is a powerful, easy to use dialog system created for Stencyl. Every essential dialog feature is there, and then some. It was designed from the ground up to be as intuitive and extensive as possible.

Key Features

Dynamic Text Flow

With variable character drawing speeds, timed pauses and button input requests, you can pace your dialog to be as emotive as you desire.

Dialog Choices

Give your players a voice in the world with Dialog Choices. Easily create conversation trees by jumping to other chunks of dialog based on the player's responses and change what events happen in the game.

Names and Faces

Let your players know who's speaking with Nameboxes and your very own Character Portrait images.

Moving Text

Make your words come to life by applying motion effects such a shaking, growing and sine-waves.

Condition Checks

Take advantage of if statements and have your NPCs react to different events that have transpired in your game.

Messages and Attributes

Send messages and communicate with your Stencyl behaviors to make things happen in the midst of dialog. You can change game, actor and scene attributes too.

How It Works

Your dialog is made up of text and simple, but powerful, tags and commands. It's all in one place too—a single text file—so you can quickly and easily add and edit any dialog that appears in your game without having to create and weed through countless documents.

#Dialog Chunks

Your dialog file is split up into multiple chunks of dialog, as defined by a # symbol, followed by a unique name. Dialog starts by referencing one of these from within your game. You can even create dialog trees by jumping from one dialog chunk to another.


Dialog Extension uses easy to understand tags for doing almost everything that isn't simple text drawing. Like HTML, these tags are surrounded by angle brackets < >. They handle everything from changing text color, to displaying a name in the Namebox, to presenting the player with Dialog Choices, to closing and ending dialog.


<showname "Adam">
Time traveling warrior, I am <typecolor #3D9FEB>Adam<typecolor -1>.<wait 0.4><br>
And you are?<but>
<option [
    ["Klark, destroyer of worlds." "Adam Happy"]
    ["None of your business." "Adam Angry"]

#Adam Happy
It's a pleasure to meet you, Klark.<but><end>

#Adam Angry
You have disrespected me! <wait 0.4>Leave this area at once!<but><end>

The Nerds Responsible

Justin Espedal

Justin is a nerd who has a passion for writing good code and role playing games. He started seriously programming in 2007 and has been improving ever since. This actually isn't his first dialog system—he's made a couple before for personal use—but this is certainly his best.

Cory Martin
Bad Programming, Web Design

Cory is a nerd who has a passion for game development and user interface design. In 2011, Cory was in need of a dialog system for Stencyl. Not only that, but he wanted it to be the best dialog system ever made. He got together with the best programmer he knew, Justin, to make it a reality.


We were originally going to sell this dialog system for around $10, but eventually decided to release it for free so more people could get their hands on it. If you love what the dialog system offers you, and especially if you'd like to see it further developed, we'd really appreciate a donation. Even a couple bucks buys Justin a round trip to school and Cory a month of web hosting, so every penny is appreciated. Thank you!